Bob and Beanie’s trip to Fla

We traveled all over Florida this year. Hope this kind of trip is what you were looking for. We drove there from Louisiana. Started in Jacksonville in January, then made our way down the East Coast to Melbourne. Beautiful little town I would recommend to everyone.

We camped there and had a great time. Then we went to Ft Lauderdale for a couple weeks. Took a boat ride on the inter-coastal. That was nice. The homes are beautiful and it was nice and warm, even in January. Spent a couple days in Miami also. South Beach is not my favorite. Too gaudy. Took a 5-day cruise out of Miami and that was a lot of fun. We went to Cozumel and Belieze. I recommend Senor Frogs for their test-tube shots.

After the cruise we drove across to Marco Island to recuperate. Marco is stunning. A quaint little island with a couple ways on and off. Everything you need is on the island.

From there, in mid-February, we went to Naples for a couple days. Shocking how nice the homes are there, but not a lot of water to look at. From there we went north to Ft Myers Beach. What a madhouse! It was a little early for the spring break crowd, but it is still extremely crowded. And the construction made traffic a real mess.

Then at the end of February we went up to Sarasota. Beautiful town with lots of beaches on the barrier islands. We stayed there three weeks. Then made our way past Tampa and up to Homasassa. Had a great time there. Went on a couple trout fishing trips and caught a ton of them. Went to a friends house and fried up the trout in a deep frier and had a feast.

Finally we made our way back home at the end of March.

Couple of shouts out

I wanted to give some thanks and kudos to a couple friends of mine who provided a little funding and technical help to our effort. Big Dan from Richmond Concrete Pros was a big help to us getting our site set up. If you are ever need of a Concrete driveway or patio in Richmond Va you should give these folks a call. They do great work.

Additionally we got some technical support from Tyrone from Chesterfield Painters. Tyrone is a sharp technical guy who was a great help getting the blog part of our site set up. We have no experience with that kind of stuff. If you are looking for interior or exterior painters in Richmond Va, I would definitely give Tyrone a call.

And lastly a shout out to my wife Tam, who put up with all my grumbling and groaning while I got this site built and stood up. Thanks sweetie!